Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Army of Me

I love Bjork. I know she has a funny name and a disturbing wardrobe, but I'll still talk about her today because I just have to.
And, huh, it's my Blog, so I could just talk about Bjork everyday if I chose to. (I won't!! I won't!! I want to keep the few readers I've got!)
It might be because I'm a bit tired from all the national Day partying, but I found that so funny.

I showed my fourteen years old brother the video for "Army of Me", which, I find is one of Bjork's most kick ass songs ever. The video was probably produced by someone on some hard substance...or very very creative.
But the song, it gets to me. When I'm in that kind of mood, all those metallic sounds at the beginning and near the end with the explosions, the beat, and her straining voice on top of it all. I love it. It's so different from anything you'll hear on the radio.

As I showed my little brother Army of Me, excitingly expecting him to realize just how cool Bjork is in spite of her name.
He turned to me with the most traumatised look on his face. Seemingly wildly wondering WHY in the world I would love that music.

"So cool isn't it!? You'll show it to all of your friends right?"

(With wild, panicked expression)--"NO WAY!! This is SCARY music for CRAZY people! It's music for KILLERS! For people who kill CATS! It's Cat-Killer music! Cat killers put that music on when they want to get in the mood for cat killing!"

And I laughed and I laughed, so hard my sides hurt. The mind of a teenager is a bizarre place.

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