Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm a very loving girl, honey...

It often happens that I get called Mommy at the daycare.
It's always funny to watch for the fraction of a second when the kids realise what they said and you can see the chain-reactions on their faces.
First confusion, then the eyes open wide and there's a bit of shock, then they look around and know everyone has heard, embarrassment, and sometimes, when they have a good sense of humor, they'll start to laugh. Which is probably the best way to react in a situation like that if you ask me.
These kids are all under five though, so it's pretty normal, their Moms tell me they sometimes get called Liliane too.
I've even heard of children at school calling their teachers Mommy. Honest mistake. Hard to break habits.

It becomes much more embarrassing, as I found out lately to do the same kind of thing when you're all grown up.
Boyfriend and I, we got into that pattern of always sticking to word "Honey" at the end, beginning or middle of any sentence. Sometimes twice in the same.
It has become kind of like a person using a swear word as punctuation. Honey this, honey that, and I love it, nothing to complain about. I think it's cute.
(Most of you probably understood that as we are both French, it's really the word "chéri" we use, but I replaced it with Honey, because if I was English, this is the word I would use, definitely. We've got nothing as yummy-sounding in French....)
So it has come to that.
Boyfriend is probably the person I talk with the most since the last few months, so Honey is now a regular, everyday word to me.
And as of now, my Sister, her Boyfriend, my Mother, one or two kids at daycare and one of my brothers have been called Honey in a very casual manner by me. Strangely embarassing, almost like feeling naked for a second or two.
I'm waiting for the day when I email the woman I work with on book illustrations and I end it with a big, heart-felt
"I love you honey!!!♥♥♥".

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