Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lily's Fun Facts

Did you know.....

1-That according to a Google search, a screaming baby is 115 decibels?

2-That is more noise then a motorcycle, a Lawnmower or a Garbage truck?

3-That sometimes, when you work at a daycare, you have to reach the conclusion that the cutest-blue-eyed-doll-like-little-thing is most likely hitting the 120 decibels?

4-That 120 decibels= Race Car/Rock Band?

5-And that sometimes....there are more then one in a closed space?


Princess in Galoshes said...

I don't know how you do it without drinking. (Or is that the secret...?)

Anywhos... you should know that your dream house is pretty much my dream house, so if you want to split the difference, we could go six months at a time, or something? (Dibs on the fall months.)

Lilycurly said...

Drinking huh?
Hmmm, I might sometime look like a crazed drunkard to readers, but I rarely drink. I don't even buy alcohol for myself! lol (Although I do eat lots of desert, that might be just as bad. But I'd rather get calories and comfort from a delicious apple pie with ice-cream then a bottle of wine.)

I guess some people are just built to handle that level of noise without becoming ravin' mad.
And you know, it's not like we let them scream freely.;)It's just fractions of seconds in the day, but they are

If we'd live close enough, you can bet I'd take that offer to split the house! Ha! in my dreams, it would be big enough to welcome three people and many cats anyway.