Friday, September 14, 2007

An Experiment for the Women

Apparently, women have a special connection with the Moon.

Some people feel closer to it, of course.
I always thought it was one of the most beautiful things in nature, especially when it's full and huge and orange. I even got a crescent moon tattooed on the back of my neck. To mark my love for nature. To me the Moon represents all of it. Some force that's always there every night going again and again in a cycle.

This is apparently the reason why ancient people and today's pagans have chosen our satellite as a symbol of the Mother Goddess. A visible, never-ending cycle, from waxing crescent (young woman), to full moon (mother), to waning crescent (Wise/old woman).

Tribes that lived outdoors were obviously fascinated by the moon, and noted the effect it had on their women.
I read recently, that back when people slept outside, and were closer to nature and more in tune with it. The women's monthly cycle were directly influenced by the Moon's magnetic attraction.
That it was synchronized to come along with the Full Moon.
And this is why some people even continue to call this period of the month "Being in their moon."

Of course, that fascinates me. Is that even possible?
The book said that us indoor women who don't camp out every day can get that connection back, simply by closing or opening our bedroom curtains according to the moon. To sleep in complete darkness on the new moon, and slowly opening them as it grows every night.

So if some of you girls are interested, try this at home, I know I will. And even men, if you disregarded the title and read this post anyway, try this on your woman.
Let's look to the right of our screen, tonight, the moon is waxing, still a tiny crescent. Curtains closed, girls!

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