Saturday, September 08, 2007

And I'm back....

....And it was genius, as expected.

I was really afraid something would happen to prevent my attending. Not to be negative, but when I get hugely excited about something and get my hopes all up, fate often likes to have a good laugh at me and it ends up not happening.
So I was on the know, lost tickets, natural disaster, Loreena catching a mysterious illness of the throat....but no. Thank you, fate, for letting me have this.

Her was just incredible. The drums, the Lyra, the cello....god, there are no words. It was worth all the worries and the tiresome metro ride with the freaks and pervs of Montreal.
(I also got the occasion to see a few female Loreena fans who had adopted her lioness hairstyle of huge brushed out curls with a fringe. Very amusing.)

She DID perform The Mystic`s dream, so I can now die happy. But maybe I was building my hopes way too high about it, and I ended up feeling a bit let down. They left out the gorgeous Gregorian chants at the start, and those are such an important part of the song to build up the whole mood. But it still was great.

The Old Ways was the hit of the evening to me, I never expected to like the live version that much.

Yeah, I know, it`s all useless Blah-Blah to non-fans so I'll stop myself, but I needed to get it out of my mind...I won`t sleep tonight. And I`m very tempted to brush out my curls in honor of the Lady.

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