Sunday, September 16, 2007

Do my fingers look fat?

Well gosh darn it, loosing weigh DOES have it's bad sides.
I never realized that loosing 15 lbs could, and IS enough to ensure that all of your old rings are now too large. So you have to re-buy a jewelry wardrobe too!?

It's kind of sad, because some of the rings are so special. None are expensive (I'm a collector of cheap stuff), so it's not the money that matters, but some of them were so original. I will never find the same again. I guess I'll have to wear them on chains.....

It really is puzzling me, because honestly, I haven't seen much of the weigh vanish where it counts. (Hips, I'm looking at you!) I will never complain of having to throw away a pair of jeans because my butt has shrunk. No, I'd burn them with a smile on my face and dance around the fuming remains happily.

But really, have I lost 15 lbs of finger and wrist fat?

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