Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tea Salons

Yesterday evening, I went on a fun city escapade with a girl I've been talking to online for quite a long time.
It was nice to meet in person for the first time, sometimes I forget how agreable it can be to speak face to face with new people. Maybe that's because I usually don't connect with the vast majority of those I meet. I was surprised at how well it went and how fast the evening flew by. This doesn't happen a lot.

She took me to a very pretty little Tea Salon in Montreal.
We don't have those over here. The setting was so nice and cosy. It was a rather small place with little tables and pretty red paper lamps. Ancient looking tiny teapots and cups everywhere. We shared a yummy tea, I can't remember it's name but it was good. (We were both set on Chai Tea, but according to the waitress, Chai isn't *real* tea. Well I'll be damned!)
I just adored the way it was presented to us on a wooden plateau with our own little brown teapot and cups that had oriental symbols at the bottom. It felt like when I was a child playing Tea Party with my dolls.

I'm actually very proud of myself, I managed to take the Subway back without getting lost even once, thank god for the maps.
Cities are fun, hip and all, but I'm happy with my quiet suburban life and appreciate the pretty lights and boutiques and Tea Salons occasionaly on weekends. I guess I'm a country girl at heart!

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