Thursday, November 29, 2007

Living Life

Yes, I figured that since we may all have only four years to live, let's live life at it's fullest!

I don't want to take the chance to leave this place without having done everything I really want to do. So let's start with something small. I never wear pigtails, because it looks childish on me, and I have come to accept that I don't have the kind of face to wear them graciously.

But today, I'm proud "pigtail-ed cabbage-patch kid". Yes I am. And I will even show you all.

Look, I even got an eye infection there on the left. And yet, I still post that photo. Be free!

The worst that could happen is that 2012 will just be another year, and I'll be a very accomplished 30 years old.


Princess in Galoshes said...

Way to rock the pigtails! I think the key is that they have that trendy messy thing going on, as opposed to the slicked, part-down-the-middle, Heidi yodelling look.

Sorry to hear about the eye infection. :-(

Lily said...

Haha! Thank you! Messy is an easy look to acheive when you've got curls.:)You know that right?lol

That eye infection is a real bitch. It should've been gone days ago, but it came back. I've had that red eyelid for almost four weeks now!