Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's been a while since I've talked of Tori Amos. I missed her show when she came to Montreal recently ,and I was too ashamed to blog about it.
But her tour is almost over now, and I found tons of photos of Tori as the Doll Posse. That woman makes me want to raid a wig store!

Tori (or T)--the stereotype of how the general public sees Tori Amos. Very red-headed and slightly crazy woman who is often found humping a piano-bench.

Then there's Clyde. Brownish-messy hair. The introvert artist type that I can relate with. But who's apparently a bit boring as a showgirl. I can't find good onstage pictures of poor Clyde.

Isabel--The political, pot-smoking part of Tori. Who sings about Bush and wars. She's one of the two blond dolls. Rather cool.

Pip---The Freaky/Emo one. Black hair, black clothes, the work. She is the part of Tori that made her become crazy and mad onstage. Screaming like a banshee in the middle of a song. She has been seen pointing a gun at her neck and rubbing a butcher knife along her thigh onstage. A real case. She must have been an interesting one to see for sure.

I kept the best for last----Santa. The platinum blond. I honestly didn't like her much when I first saw her on the CD. She looked like a stuck-up beotch. But now, I love the hair, love the dresses and shoes. And the attitude. She's the traditional sexy one. The one who doesn't care as long as she has the perfect lipstick shade. I would have loved to see Santa in a show. She poured drinks on stage and had the coolest songs.

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