Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, I guess I must get used to the idea. I'm really not that good with keeping plants alive. A sorry excuse for a Kitchen Witch I am.
I really thought I could do it this year. I brought in all the herbs I had grown on my balcony through summer before it became too cold. And for a month or two they looked fines. I took good care of them. (I even talked to those who looked poorly, to my embarassment.)

But now it's December 1th, and I really think that Basil and English Lavender are loosing their fight against indoors life. It really is a tragedy, I never had great hopes for Lavender , but the Basilic was thriving only days ago! I even used a few leaves on a pizza, and now it's withering.
And the little Lavender plant is drying up quickly, even if I water it and talk to it, and switch it's in it's last days. And I'm trying to decide if I should just end their misery and throw them away along with the garbage this morning.

I should put up my christmas decorations this weekend anyway, so the hole in my life won't be empty too long...
Damn! I was really hoping on fresh Basil this winter!

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