Monday, December 24, 2007

Todd, Sweeney Todd

Anyone who knows me the slightest bit knew I wanted to see this movie since I learned of it's making. I mean, a Tim Burton film? Great! With Johhny Depp?Awesome! *And* Helena Bonham Carter in yet another crazy costumed role? Sold! SOLD!

Let me tell you, it did not dissapoint.The quirckiness and strange feel of Burton's productions. The dark, moody sets almost all in shades of blue black and whites. Making the blood red really shocking whenever it graces the screen.

The weird characters, even though you could almost have taken Johhny and Helena straight from the set of Edward Scissor Hands and the latest Harry Potter, were beautiful. I just kept taking in the details of every dress she wore. The delicate black lace, the corsets, the petticoated skirts...the wild hair!!! So gorgeous. Now I won't spoil anything, but place all that gothicness, complete with snow-white skin and black eye makeup, and throw them into a sunny, shiny beach-set, and you've got the most awesomely contrasting images ever immortalized on film.

Of course, there were songs. And lots of them. And not all of them riveting. And not all voices were particularly fun the listen too (I'm looking at you Joahnna). But most people walked in knowing that it was a re-make of a Broadway musical. OF COURSE there are gonna be songs to explain everything!
Still, in the first 10 minutes of the movie, you could hear audience members groaning at every first notes of a song. At least 30 people walked out around the fourth one. I don't understand people. Honestly! No scratch that! I don't understand teenagers, and I never will. Because all of them were kids

So lots of blood, could have been a little subtler with the throat cutting and blood's really my only complain. After two throats have been split right in your face, splashing towards the audience in all it's non-realistic glory, you kind of get the point already. No need to have 10 random more.

It was disturbing, dramatic, but still funny and morbidly beautiful in other places. So I reccomend it, and I will see it again.

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