Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good Resolutions Reviewed

So last year at about the same time, I gave myself 7 goals for the year 2007. Lets review them shall we?
No1---Cook more, eat better (learn to cook bread)
Acheived?---Well, yes, yes indeed! Alright, I made pita bread....but still! Also, ate better, healthier food, and lost 20lbs! Greatness! Very proud.

No2--Clean Up apartment more often
Acheived?----Hmmm, 50% of the time, honestly. But that isn't so very important.....

No3--Stop seeking Love
Acheived?---Unless stop seeking love includes obssessing over impossible
guy, acting on impulse and raging lust and having a lousy one-night stand, which I swore
to myself I would never have....Then getting crushes after crushes over complicated men
and breaking some hearts, thus accumulating bad karma. I think I failed that one

No4---Stop feeling guilty about celebrity crushes
Are you kidding? Like I had time for celebrity crushes this year....Jeeeez! Still, I freely
admit my love for Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Liv Tyler, Tori Amos and Helena Bonham

N05--Work out in the fresh air 3-4 times a week
Acheived!---I walked home from work everytime I could in the good weather.

N06--Comb cats a day out of two
Oh my GOD! FAILED! I even forgot about that one. Poor Timine! Getting all those knots.
I'm an aweful kitty-mommy!

No7--Paint and draw more....
Well...I did one good painting which am proud of, and I did it only a few days ago.
Worked for books, but I don`t think that really counts....Will try again next year.


Princess in Galoshes said...

Those are good resolutions. You're going to have to hang them somewhere more prominent, so that you don't forget this year. :-)

I had exactly 1 resolution last year: eat slower.

And I totally did not eat slower. I'm so impressed you a) remembered yours b) did so well at actually doing something about them.

Lily said...

Eat slower!! That's an excellent resolution. And I think I might steal that one from you this year.
Perhaps make a nice little sign and hang it right in my face at the kitchen table.;)