Friday, January 11, 2008

A Coffee Shop

Yeah, I haven't blogged a lot these days. I kind of have been on a cloud...and also very busy with illustration work and being back to work in general.

My little sister announced me yesterday, that a new Coffee shop is opening next week in old Ste-Therese, which is the old part of our town, very near where I live, where all the cute little boutiques and shops are, (and also where the local bums and cheap whores like to stay, unfortunately.)

For the records, I LOVE Coffee Shops! I especially love the ambiance of the ancient-feeling ones. With books thrown around and wood, and real whipped-creme on the coffees.

So, Brulerie du Roy (the Coffee Shop) is owned by friends of Sis and her Boyfriend. And that alone is already cool. What is even more though, is that she wants to quit her job as an underpaid (but very good!) hair-cuter at Walmart's Salon, and try her hands at working there. Sis is an excellent cook and very social, so that's super exciting news.
She'll meet the owners this weekend, so I'm sending her every positive vibes I can conjure. Possibly will look for a success spell too, I'm so excited about this!
As teens, Sis and Me, we made up dreams of owning a Coffee shop or Bakery. And it always seemed so right....

I don't really know why this gets me all revved up...Maybe it's a good presage, one can only hope. I've got the feeling that this will be something that will change the futur one way or the other. Let's hope my instincts are good this time.


Princess in Galoshes said...

Inevitably the perfection bubble will break on any new relationship. And while different sleep habits can be tricky waters to navigate, it certainly isn't the worst thing in the world. You both will compromise a little, eventually. Just be careful it's both of you compromising, and not just one person.

Meanwhile, hooray for the new coffee shop! I love coffee shops, too. :-)

Lily said...

Yes, compromising. The most important word in any relationship....I would agree, but really, when your work shift is night, there's really not much you can do about it...
So night shift+ DJ job on free nights...means the only one who can possibly compromise on this one is me...I'm not sure I can stand the pressure of being a forced night bird.:(
But I also have to think of the advantages...because in the daytime I get all the free, me, alone time I need, which I wouldn't get with another person...ah...dilemas...