Friday, August 24, 2007


Last weekend was the first time I had ever heard of "Lush", or more like the first time I had ever *seen* this boutique. I guess you American readers have it too...we are just a bit behind up here. And this is a big and exciting novelty for this kitchen witch!

Wow, it's a whole new experience, like walking into a wonderfully scented rainbow.

At first, knowing nothing about them, I was convinced that the colorful display of plastic-looking soap bars were of the cheap and synthetic sort. You have to admit that turquoise and fuchsia are not what you'd expect of natural soaps, but more of the shelves of a dollar store.

But the enthusiastic and definitely slightly effeminate clerk nicely explained to me how the products are made from essential oils, natural ingredients like clay and herbs and such. I was beyond excited. And then he told me that all of the soaps and ingredients aren't tested on animals, I was sold.

I'm still in the discovery stage, but I have found a favorite already, and it's this baby:

It's called Reincarnate, and yes, it does look quite disgusting in this picture, but in reality, it's a nice looking piece of reddish mud-colored shampoo-bar. It smells of many kinds of spices, orange and some other yummy exotic stuff, and best of all, Red Persian Henna, which supposedly adds reddish tones to dark hair.

I'm new to the concept of solid shampoo, but I love it already, no pesky bottles around the shower anymore. Not only is it great smelling, practical, natural and good for the hair, I realized that I don't even have to put in conditioner after I rinse that off! And this is something I thought I would never even dream of thinking about. Curly hair=vital need for conditioner, can't go without it. So I must conclude that Reincarnate is some kind of magical-does-all hair soap.

The next thing I must investigate is their brand of Henna bars. I'm admittedly a bit put off by how they chose to name the stuff....maybe it's because I'm French, but calling a hair color "Caca Brun mama" or "Caca Noir mama" might be just a bit unappealing....if not revolting.


Princess in Galoshes said...

I thought you were on the "no shampoo" kick??? When did that end? I've never actually been in a Lush store. But they do smell fabulous, even just walking past one.

Lilycurly said...

Yes! I was on the No-Shampoo routine, but now that my hair feels better, I've been lured by the temptation of Shampoo bars. I just like the concept for some reason.;)Seems so alien, solid shampoo...