Tuesday, August 21, 2007


At last, some good news to write about!
I am back from my three weeks summer vacations, and instead of having added the obligatory vacation-ten-pounds, I have actually went down to 133lbs!
I have beat the dreaded 140lbs Plateau! It is gone and behind! And I don't even remember the last time I climbed on the scale and got a number under 140! It's like being in a dream.

I'm still wondering how it's possible....sure, I've been careful about what I eat,walked a lot, but I've not been overly strict...in fact, I've been at my sister's almost half the time, and this is a place of depravation where sugary alcohol flows, and desert is omnipresent, even at breakfast. There were birthdays, I got almost drunk on Sour Puss and Smirnoff Ice and chocolate-cheese cake on a few occasions.

I can only blame the weight lost on emotional stress. Yes, I won't talk about it much on the web, my private diary is there for that.

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