Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Very Tempting

So I've been letting my hair grow for the last few months. And for the first time in my life, I didn't actually cut it myself in a bout of frustration after two weeks.

So yeah, it's now pass my shoulders....I'm happy with it.

But it's summer now, and it is HOT outside, and also incredibly humid, and I am going mad with that great curly sheep sitting on my head all day.

I watched the movie Amélie Poulin yesterday, and for a moment, she convinced me to cut my hair ala Amélie. I just adore that cute, fringe-y and funky little cut. And it seems great for hot weather.

I'm hesitating, because first, my hair takes lots of time to grow back....and also, a few people told me that they thought Audrey Tautou's hair was hideous in that movie.

Not that I let others decide on my haircut....but I'd really hate to walk the streets with half the population wondering if I'm whacked in the head...
I don't know how to make a Poll, but maybe you people could help me, don't have to leave a big comment, just YES or NO....I'd like to have a sample of popular opinion.


Schala said...

No :)

Jules said...

I think that pic with the short hair is cute...unless you have a roudn face...then it might not be so cute. But I like it.

Lilycurly said...

Hmmm, my face is...well I never decided if it's round or square actually, but yeah, it's far from being pixy-ish like Audrey Tautou's.
I'm going with NO too...I conquered the scissor temptation with your help girls, thanks!

Schala...I love reading your blog, j'suis tellement contente pour toi.:):)

Princess in Galoshes said...

I know I'm late in the discussion, but I'd go with "no" as well. I have curly hair, too... and it did NOT look cute and pixy-esque when I cut it. I look like a big fuzzy triangle with a chin sticking out the bottom.

Let me give you the wisdom from that experience.