Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank God it's Friday..

So exhausted....
I now fully realise that my job was extremely easy and even relaxing just a week ago.

Yes, there were eight kids with me all day, but they were all around five years old. The blessed age when they move from being babies and get upgraded to kids. Kids that can communicate almost like little adults, that understand what you say without the need for baby-talking. That can cut, glue, draw, paint by themselves. Dress themselves and put on their shoes. Tell jokes (or attempt to with even funnier results.)
They can even argue and pick fights with you, but hey, at least that's challenging in a fun way.

Now the big ones are gone to preschool, well five of them. And this week, the daycare ambiance has changed dramatically.
The five new kids (or should I say babies) are of course cute as kittens. But I certainly didn't remember how taxing it is to care for 2 years olds. It's a whole different world.

Pull-ups and diapers and asking fifty times a day in the general direction of those concerned "Do you need to pee?" and still cleaning yellow puddles off the floor and off underwear.

Attempting to establish communication as difficult as if they came in straight from China to our daycare.
And speaking of language, two of those kids speak a FUN mix of French/English/Spanish. Misunderstanding and frustration all around. But still funny to watch the other kids try to make sense of it with furrowed eyebrows and a look of deep concentration. Genuinely confused two years old are more entertaining then you'd think.

And then there's one little boy who turns into a Banshee as soon as he passes the door. Wailing his lungs out for his Mamie. Good times.

But I also realise that this is only a transition. I am emotionally and physically drained today...but things should be better as we all get used to each other.
For now, I need a rest, and YES, it's a long weekend!


Princess in Galoshes said...

Ooooh. Good luck. I think there is a special place in heaven for anyone who cleans up toddler pee on a regular basis, when it's not their own kid's.

Lilycurly said...

Aaaw thanks!
If only it was just pee though...nobody needs to hear the gruesome details.;)