Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's get started!

So I spent yesterday night shopping around for a long red wig. I would even have settled for orangey-red. But no. No, it appears that all people want are those short violent red ones complete with devil horns, or the over-priced Raggedy-Ann yarn ponytails

In desperation, I even went to D-Tox, one of those Emo/Goth shops with lots of stripes and chains and printed T-Shirts, because they sometimes carry Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise along with their Emily the Strange collections. I loathe going into that place, I feel like the center of attention, my week-day attire ( jeans, un-cool curly ponytail and sweatshirt ) being stared at by all those eyeliner-ed and spiked clerks. No red wig, even less a Sally wig.

So I started to lose hope, and thought I could go as the Black Dahlia instead...because you know, that would be rather cool, I would love walking around with bright red bloody slashes on both sides of my mouth, with the period costume and flower in my hair and all....
Then I remembered this would also have to double as daycare costume. Slightly too morbid and hard to explain to a group of toddlers. I don't think they'd fall for the explanation that I'm dressed as the girl who loves to eat lots of ketchup and make a mess.

So I'm back to Sally...I guess I'll have to just dye my hair red with Henna and straighten it. I was going to do that anyway, try Henna again....That or I'll find the courage to glue hundreds of long yarn pieces on a pantyhose bottom to make my own wig. I would doubt that, because I already need to make a patchwork dress, and that will be a work of saintly patience in itself.

What I can't wait for though, is to paint all those cool stitches all over myself. Fun!


Princess in Galoshes said...

Oh, I think that's a brilliant costume! Good luck putting it together, it'll be worth it, I promise!

Lilycurly said...

I know!
This is it! This is the year it will all come together! but I need to start fast and stop talking about it!:)