Thursday, October 25, 2007


Of course, the doll dress wasn't done before Sis' party. It could have been, but it's that darn case of perpetual lazy. And the lack of desire to sew all night after cold fall days with turbulent kids.

So I gathered what I had around the apartment and went as this:

I absolutely adore fall, so to go as some kind of autumn faery was very me. It can't be seen here, but I wore a long black dress and a beige braided suede belt (medieval-style) with leaves sewn on it. It was pretty cool. And easier then the doll. And I had so much fun with the makeup.

For daycare though, on actual Halloween day, I think I will recuperate the head-wear and fix it on a cool witch hat. (That I have yet to find, always true to myself.) And wear a long sleeved black shirt under the dress for modesty's sake. I always end up a witch anyway, but an autumn witch is new at least.

Speaking of daycare and witches, take a look at what the kiddies did today:

I swear some of them have very artistic tendencies. I strongly encourage to take a closer look, they are all so cool! 3 and 4 years old did this!

Also, what is up with the Moon? Every calendar I own mark tomorrow night as Full Moon night, and yet the Moon-phase calendar I've got here says that tonight she's 100% full...So what's the deal??

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