Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Samhain/Halloween 2007!

All this time thinking about and preparing that one day. And here it is.

I'll take the opportunity to write about Halloween day now, since I will most likely be caught up with a new project in days to come.

I promise to report it if anything strange should happen on All Souls Night though.....

First of all, here is what my Autumn-Faery costume looks like when it's done morphing into an Autumn-Witch. Honestly, I like it better like that. With the shirt and everything.
And yes, that tiny pumpkin *is* rotten on top. On Samhain day, I am a mean witch. I tempt you with spoilt foods.

Here is little bro's costume. Makeup by yours truly. I'm very proud of it actually. It doesn't show that well on the photo, but I found out that you can make realistic veins and bruises on pale skin using only purple and black.

Love him. He's becoming such a pretty boy. Isn't he? I'd kill for lips like his.

And finally, Halloween 2007's Disney-Princesses results.
Honestly I'm very proud of the kids this year. It actually looked like Halloween and not a royal congress of glitters and bows. We had a Snow White and Ariel. But also, to even things out a bit: a Ladybug, a Cow, an Elephant, some character from the movie "Cars", a darling little Witchlette...

And best of all: a 2 years old little boy who had a pumpkin costume at home but rebelled his way into coming with a Little mermaid crown.

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