Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Lucky Day!

People always make a fuss about Friday the 13th....

Strangely, I was never very superstitious, as any self-respecting Kitchen Witch, I have a Black Cat. (Love you, Luna!)

I still remember getting a thrill in elementary school when one of the kids wrote the day's date on the green chalkboard in big scary, gooey letters. And everyone would spend the day being dramatic and saying stuff like "see you later....if I'm still alive!"
Ah, the good days!

But now, like most of the people who read the DaVinci Code, I know where the bad luck day stigma comes from. Jeez, it was one of the points from the novel that stuck the most with me. It was like finally, I saw the light . Big revelation. So that's what all the superstitions are about? Some Knight Templar genocide?

Well we should not be scared anymore!
Let's turn it into a positive day, after all, 13 is kind of a cool number, and god knows we all love Fridays!
So pet a black cat, open an umbrella inside the house, and heck, break a mirror!
Maybe you'll have your luckiest day in months!

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