Monday, May 14, 2007

The secret to Healthy Hair

First of all, let me say this:

Because I can't explain every detail of the routine on this Blog.
So this works amazingly well for curlies and wavies (and wavy-curls like myself)....but I suspect it must work wonders for straighties too. Anyone who wants great hair, I guess.

That's how it goes: Our poor hair and scalp has become addicted to shampoo. Shampoo is harsh on the hair, especially the abused tips. (Curlies are even worst.)
Yes, WE made it this oily. Every time we wash it, we make it oilier. And then we are forced to wash everyday or look like an Oil ball. It needs detox. Warning, detox can be pretty ugly thing....but result will be worth it. So:

1-Eliminate every conditioner that has "cones" in it. That is, anything that ends with "Cone" in the tiny ingredient list on the back. (Suave condies are a good cheap label) Cone is our enemy, to make it easy, it's like putting a film of plastic on every hair. Sure, it becomes all soft and shiny, but it builds up like hell.

2-Eliminate shampoos altogether, or try the half/half method.
The No-Shampoo method is pretty easy, and works better for very very curly hair I believe. The trick is to wash your scalp with Conditioner and let it sit for awhile. Apparently, they have very mild cleansing ingredients that become sufficient with time. (You will need to go on the website for more info, because I don't have it all.)

3-Being a mix of curls and waves, I use the Half method (That should work for straight hair.)
In a small plastic bottle, you mix a small quantity of shampoo with a little bit more of conditioner. Add a lot of water, close the bottle an shake until it becomes a nice foaming/watery stuff.
Coat the length of hair with good conditioner to protect it.
Apply the washing mixture to scalp little by little, rubbing little circles on the scalp with finger tips. Rinse well.

4-Condition all of the hair, and this is the time to detangle while the hair is dripping in moisture.
use a wide-tooth comb or fingers. Rinse well.

5-Never towel hair dry! This kills the curl formation and messes hair up. Gently blot water out with your head upside down. This is called "Plumping" I think, and you can read about it on the site.

6-Add Cone-free Gel or products gently and let dry WITHOUT TOUCHING! I think this might be the most important part.

In the next entry----How to make your own gel with Flax Seed, the wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Essential Oils for your hair.