Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Mystic's Dream

Yesterday, as I was walking trough the little "park" near where I live, I suddenly had a realisation:

If I had to chose only ONE song in the history of songs I adore, and only be aloud to listen to that ONE song for ever and ever. The choice would be easy: "The Mystic's Dream" by Loreena McKennitt.

To me, this piece represents absolute musical perfection. A Masterpiece if there ever was one.
I have listened to it for years and always get shivers, and even discover new things about it. It is that complex.

Now, I realise some people would look at me like I am some kind of fool, and pick a Pink Floyd song, or something like that. But hey, we all have something that moves us.

In my case, it's this very eclectic mix of Oriental-sounding drums and percussion.
The mystical effect of the deep Gregorian chants and Loreena's ethereal high voice that makes me close my eyes and shiver as I am transported outside a very very ancient, small stone monastery in the middle of a dark, ageless forest of giant trees in Old England or Ireland. Druids and priestesses, the overpowering beauty, power and mood of nature....

The song makes me relax, or concentrate, or motivates me. It works for everything. It's MY song.

Even yesterday, as I was walking through the trees , after years of listening to it, I discovered that nearing the end, there's even some kind of organ that begins to play softly in the background. And I had to sit. I had never known what made the song get even more intense nearing the end, and now I know. Viva I-pod!

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