Thursday, May 24, 2007

If there ever was a sin....

....It's probably that thing I ate this weekend.

Now, I try to stick to being reasonable, active and veggie-eating on weekdays, but weekends are the time to indulge, so I went to that nice breakfast restaurant. They have to most wonderful crepes ever.
Last week I had the spinach and cheddar one, which was still pretty okay, diet-wise. There were lots of the green.

But this Sunday, I decided to try something called "Country Delight". And it was described as Crepe filled with cream cheese and covered in Raspberry sauce. Nice!

But then I saw the waitress come my way with this embarrassingly *Huge* plate. I don't know if it's just me, but when that kind of thing happens, I get pretty convinced that everyone around is thinking that this girl is quite the pig.

I swear, I must have misread the menu, because first of all there were not one, but two rolled crepes, each one as long as my forearm. The sauce was good and very much tasted like fresh raspberries.'s just unbelievable the quantity of cream cheese filling they managed to cram in there.
The first few bites were excellent of course...but you quickly start to feel like you're eating a full cheese cake melted inside those crepes. So I started to press the rolls with my fork, and couldn't believe how much there was. It kept coming out. There must have had at least a full cup of sugary cheese cream.

I didn't even eat it all (not because I was keeping my resolutions, but because I simply couldn't anymore....and I tried, it was so yummy.) But I'm sure I ate at least 1000 calories that morning. If not more.
And now I feel kind of bad.

Next time I'm bringing someone. Oh my God, bathing suit season is coming so fast!

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