Friday, November 05, 2004

First Temptation

I am a desperate case.
I've been letting my hair grow since August.
Not one time did I use any hair color of any sort.
Been washing it with expensive all-natural mint and thyme shampoo and conditioner.
Been treating it like was the most precious thing in the world.

And now, just as it starts to look less and less like a frightened-hobbit's head, I'm tempted to color them. (Thus ruining them all over again)

What's a girl to do? When all you see in magazines are photos of gorgeous colorful hair and articles on which color should one use for the winter. Yes! Natural brown is beautiful too, but it's so fun to color, I'm an hair-coloring addict.

Keep looking at pictures of gorgeous Liv Tyler, Jennifer Garner, Alanis Morisette, Angelina Jolie and the likes, who all have amazing brown hair. But one look at red-head beauties like Allyson Hannigan, Tori Amos (or better, Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!) and all my hard work crumbles down to pieces.
It's always been like that, just as soon as my hair starts to look good (at last!) I'm unconditionally attracted to the hair-color aisle in every shop. (The Cinnamon and copper boxes are the strongest it seems...)

What will I do!? To make it worst, I know red hair would suit me well, I've got that fair skin, the green eyes, even some freckles, like I was born to be red!
At least if I knew it would look like crap on me, it would be less tempting. But I know it would look great, the color anyway...the hair would start looking like fright-wig again, because curly hair is very fragile and breaks like burnt-paper.
Must resist, must resist.

Apartment is : Clean! I actually did some cleaning up before leaving this morning, not treating sister like live-in slave anymore.
Cats are: ooh, cold, but they do love our new fuzzy blanket. (As in, love to eat it)
Hair is: pretty good looking (grown a bit more then an inch!!...must resist, must resist)

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