Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pianos, Butt-Heads and Photo-Boots...

So I'm taking the bus now....everyday. And frankly, I like it. But I realised that one can never know what weird people are unless they have taken the bus regularly.

A few days ago, their was that psycho-looking guy, who was on the run from, (get that) "Indians" that were after him. He showed everyone a "scar" on his head, supposedly made by the nasty Indians three days ago. Because of course, a scar can be made in three days. Nobody dared to point it out, since the guy seemed ready to explode. On top of that, he was carrying a huge suspect bag and was nervously playing with the handles as I started to look for the nearest emergency exists.

Then there is those two guys that I see at the bus station, dressed in black in what looks like a "want-to be-cool-and-kick-ass-but am-really-not" style. Always together, about 16-17 years old, pimply.
They seem to think that only they exist in the world, or at least, only they are important. They don't see a problem in passing in front of everyone else in line for the bus, including elderly ladies, when they have arrived last.
After all, they do want their precious places in front of the bus.

And as if that alone isn't enough, they talk a lot and LOUDLY! Geez, is it necessary that everybody ears what you have to say, especially when the only things to come out of your mouths are idiotic babble?

I swear, it's like a real-life version of the Beavis and Butt-head show. The conversation ranges from how pissed they were that the latest video-game wasn't at the video-store to what they will do and how many hot chicks they will do when they are millionaires.
Fortunately, most of the time, I can be concentrated enough on the book I'm reading to block them out of my head almost completely.

These days, I'm really into Tori Amos, (might be the red hair.) And when am into Tori, am into piano, naturally. I see that beautiful ancient piano sitting un-utilised in the living room at my parent's house. Would really love to be able to play it like Tori, all passionate and artistic genius-like.

Have found that website where you can learn piano, think I will try it. Need way of expressing myself other then drawing, music is so powerful.

Sister and I were feeling quite photogenic and crazy last Friday, so we decided to have fun in a photo-boot. Making all kind of moronic faces and such. Did you know? Those little black curtains they have to close the boots? They are really not that useful.

As we were both trying to balance on that tiny little bench fit for a kid and trying to make faces at the camera, we were hearing giggles from outside the boot, we were so happy to have that precious little curtain to shield us from the hostile/mocking outside world while we were looking messed in the head. Not so! To our complete horror, we then realised that said curtain is quite transparent. Felt like fools, but it was fun anyway. I will even post the results on here (I'm the crazy girl on the right, yes, that was pre-red-hair.)

Apartment is: well, will clean up tonight
Cats are: Gibril has unexpectedly taken a liking to my hair, as in, trying to eat it
while I sleep.
Nmb of days for Bridget Jones 2 : 2!!!Hurra! Can't wait!!

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