Monday, November 29, 2004

Lost Kitty!

Might as well continue with the ongoing Lost theme.

This week-end, spent quite a lot of time alone, well, most of it with my mother. As father and brothers gone out and sister...well, with boyfriend all week-end.
(Which made me realised am not such a pitiful scarredy-cat after all, since have managed to sleep three whole nights all by myself in dark apartment without having a thought of Chucky and/or Grudge lurking in my room.)

Am very proud of self. Speaking of Chucky, I absolutely hate to admit it, but I need to see "Seed of Chucky". Have learned that Billy (Pippin) Boyd is the voice of Chucky's kid and that he makes an excellent and funny job of it. I love this guy.

Ok, on with the subject. I come in front of my building on Saturday night (Back from seeing "Without a paddle", because what is a week-end without a movie??) And just as I am about to go in, I see this cute and I mean CUTE little kitten coming to me. He is alone! He doesn't have a collar! He purrs and looks at me with big shinny eyes in manner of Shrek's Puss in Boots!

What was I, the cat-lover, to do? It was cold and windy and rainy outside, and to make it worst, he was following me. Couldn't resist, absolutely no way could have slept knowing that Puss in Boots was outside in the rain.
So took him in, looked so happy to be inside. Gibril and Pixy looked like a mixture of being annoyed, curious and very surprised, smelling Kitty's bottom every time they could. And Gibril kept gently poking at him as if it were some strange unidentified thing.

At least, kitty didn't seem to mind.
So he spent the night with us (me and cats) and looked quite content, purring and rolling into a ball next to me. But the next morning, knew I had to let him go and give him chance to find own home. As much as it broke my heart, had to let him out, and it was raining!! Grrr! Said to myself that if I came back later and kitty was still there, would adopt it. Happily, it was not. I just hope it has found it's home. Poor thing.

Apartment is: Really cleaning. Felt like responsible house-keeper yesterday and everything is
clean. Can't rely on sister anymore, like she isn't living here.
Cats are: happy to be alone and not in competition with cute Kitty.
Hair is: slowly growing, and still reasonably soft. Good
Outside is : V. Cold!!!
Christmas shopping is : Not started!!! God! Must start! At least have a few ideas.

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