Friday, November 19, 2004


No, not only the TV show, although I do love it! But more importantly my wallet!

Woke up yesterday morning, feeling all chirpy and singing along to *whispers* Britney spears...
What?! Who can honestly say that "My Prerogative" isn't catchy. (For my defense, was back to Tori Amos this morning.)

So was all happy and dancing around, for once would be in time and not running to catch bus. Two minutes before passing door of apartment, I look in my wallet to find my bus card...and ...well, the wallet was not there!
Literally turned my purse, (which is a big bag in which stuff may be easily lost), inside-out. Was frantic. Where was wallet!!??

Started imagining all kind of scenarios in which would have to call for every lost cards (and god knows there are many) and , ugh! had lost twenty bucks, which is very precious since Christmas is coming soon. (and brothers are getting too old to get them only candy)

So obviously, to my shame, had to call mom to the rescue, well, couldn't go to work on foot. While was waiting for her, looked everywhere in apartment, who knows, maybe the faes had a problem with me that day. But was not anywhere. Anyone who has lost their wallet knows what I mean, except it is ten times worst with me, for I am a professional panicker. What if I have left in on the bus??? That would be stupid of me, but things happen...No, surely, they would have called! Unless someone took it before they found it, suddenly remembered all weirdos/freaks I have seen on bus...

So mom picked me up, and ran into house looking for wallet, thinking maybe had left it there. Had not. So desperately called bus company. Friendly Lady asked name, address, phone number, etc, talked for about 5 minutes, then told her what have lost, logically, should have done so at beginning of conversation. Because SHE HAD IT!
Shrieked with joy, friendly lady was laughing, but hey, it was wallet after all, not mittens or something. Was so relieved, adrenaline rushing as if I had just finished a very stressing exam, or worse oral exam.

So all is well, am holding dearly to wallet now in manner of cherished family heirloom, checking if it's still there every few minutes. Will never take it for granted again!

Apartment is : absolutely disastrous. Sister is too occupied with new boyfriend, so have to
take over cleaning duties, as only single one.
Cats are: taking a liking to me, since their mistress has somebody else to stroke
Hair is: behaving well enough, have even gone out of house without hat, looking less like hobbit.
Christmas shopping is: tragically not started

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