Monday, November 08, 2004

The Girl who didn't have Self-Control

Why yes, that would be me.

Remember? I was all resolute not to dye hair on Friday night, even managed to keep resolution ....until this fatal Sunday morning.

Was having breakfast (yes, restaurant, but not cheap greasy one) with sister, left apartment in the morning feeling pretty darn good about hair and being able to keep it one found-in-nature color for three whole months.

As we were waiting for yummy pancakes to be ready (do try the cheddar and apple one, by the way!) conversation started to slowly drift from the yumminess of pancakes to the dreaded subject of...Hair.

One thing leads to another and within minutes we were both convinced that something must be done about our hair.
It started quite innocently, we both wanted to make it closer to our natural color. So we went back to the apartment to discuss it...and found a particularly fetching picture of Cameron Diaz's awesome short blond hair. Images of myself looking like a golden-goddess flashed in my head, I know the same happened to sis, because that one picture convinced both of us in less then a split-second, that bleaching would indeed be a very nice and logical idea.

So we went to the drugstore, feeling a twinge of guilt but very determinate.
I was looking at various ash-blond shades with sister when something caught the corner of my eye....yes, those:
The fiery, sexy, red-tones. As suddenly as I wanted to be blond in the first place, I got that irresistible urge to go Red.
Never taught twice about it and at the end of the day, my hair was red, and Janie was very blond.

Only she doesn't like the shade, thinks it looks like pee, even if I told her it does look a lot like Nicole Kidman's. She'll probably buy another box today, so much for keeping our hair in good shape.
As for me, I'm pretty happy of results. Is of course less flashy then Tori's but it will give me time to adjust. Must keep it longer then last time (two days should be easy to beat).

Cats are: terrified of flat-iron, one of them even spits at it.
DVD in DVD player: Shrek 2!! How great! There's even a puss-in-boots extra!!

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