Wednesday, October 27, 2004

AAAAAh! *breath* GAAAaaH!

I realised today I'm still a scaredy-cat.

Went to see "The Grudge" yesterday night, expecting to be moderately scared, like with every other "horror" movie I go see. Ended up screaming like a maniac the whole time. Darn it! This movie is the freakiest thing I've ever seen since....well, since the time I was scared of "The Thing" in Addams family or the Chucky Poster.

Sheesh, couldn't get that *sound* out of my head. Had trouble going to sleep yesterday night for kept imagining creepy crawly lady crawling around bed making creepy noises, or going up my covers. Eecck!
Also, dared not look in corners of room in fear of spotting growth of "flowy hair" formation. Even got a bit spooked-out in apartment hallway this morning.

Apartment is : *sigh* let's not talk about this.
Cats are: hopefully still not evil
CD's still waiting for : 2 ( gonna go mad!!!)
Lessons not learned : 1 (ordered DVD in the mail yesterday)

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