Friday, October 22, 2004

Cooking nightmare

We are receiving big part of the family in small apartment tomorrow night. Supposedly to celebrate our moving out on our own. (Even if actually been on our own for a few months already...)

Anyway, family members insisted on bringing gifts, but since we already got everything needed by now, had trouble finding what to buy without informing us.

Sister and I accepted to make the dessert, every one's bringing something, so nobody has to do everything. We really do like making desserts, they are the fun part of cooking.

So instead on making something really simple like logic would have it, we opted for the weirdest kind of cake existing. Forêt Noire, it's called in French. That kind of very chocolaty layered dream with cherries, some kind of liquor, whipped-cream and more dark chocolate.

Theoretically should be amazingly decadent and delicious. Hope won't have to buy Krispy Kreams or similar junk at last minute.

So I'm surfing the net right now, desperate to find a great and not too problematic recipe. Of course waited the day before. Think have found something do-able, will only need to go to grocery store to pick up...well, every single ingredient, there's no way we still have 6 eggs in the fridge by now. Even less fresh cream, cherries and dark chocolate, those don't last long in the house of two single girls.

Will update on results later, wish me luck.
Thank God(dess) it's Friday!!

My apartment is: pretty damn clean.
My cats are: Well, one of them is having problems to jump on things lately, poor thing.
Also you can see in their eyes that they know their will be dealing with cream
Nmb of CDs should have received by now: 2(!!!!!!!)Gaah!

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