Friday, October 15, 2004


Got up this morning, hoping it wouldn't rain before I got to work, it didn't, am very lucky. Maybe because it's Friday, surely it would have rained like there was no tomorrow on a Monday.

So got up and asked myself once again what on earth I was going to wear. Got progressively frustrated. Maybe it was because a very rebellious and self-affirming Alanis Morisette song was blasting in the background, maybe because it was Friday, I decided to throw every notion of color-coordination to the wind and put on whatever the heck I felt like wearing.

Felt really ground-breaking and edgy wearing tight turquoise shirt that never goes with anything, with long bright red shirt that I never wear because way too bright. Added an apple-green plastic-bead necklace with another sea-shell one. Who cares if I look like color-blind fool, I'm tired of wearing boring black and brown.

Well, I got a lot of compliments from kids at daycare. Felt very proud, I'm teaching them very valuable lesson of non-conformity and self-expression, essential things if I want them to become free-spirited and artistically-liberated kids. Some of them already dress like that anyway: those whose parents let them dress by themselves.

Waiting for my "Jagged little pill" CD to come in the mail, getting a bit nervous, it's been about 8 days since supposedly got mailed. How long does it take?
Also ordered a Rasputina CD yesterday, am in CD-ordering frenzy. must love me.

Apartment is : messy
Will be: really clean in a few hours
Cats seem : depressed( don't care for rainy days)
CD received: none
Colors am wearing: 7

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