Friday, October 08, 2004

Why do I do this?

God, I have no idea. What possesses someone to write a diary online for everyone to read? It is beyond my understanding, yet I'm doing it myself.

The thing is, I am on a quest, a quest to get back my natural hair, the hair I had when I was a girl, young and innocent, natural hair, before the many unspeakable horrors of toxic-waste- hair coloring and evil blow-dryer I made it endure.

I tried to make it be like Tori Amos', Cameron Diaz's and every color under the sun and now...My hair hates me, it holds a grudge against me, it turned all Alanis Morisette on me. (ooh, she does have beautiful hair!)

To make a long story short, I sadly had to cut my curls, quite short. My goal is to have hair like Julianna Margulies from ER, or Liv Tyler, (only curly), you know, the long, dark and gloriously shiny and curly kind of hair, sadly, mine currently looks like Frodo Baggin's, not that Ì have anything against hobbits, but am not a boy.

Also found that they are thinning a bit, which completely traumatises me, this morning found myself imagining what I would look like as a young girl with a grandma-type volume-enhancing haircut with ton of hairspray.

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