Friday, November 07, 2008

The Photo boot-shoot

I love photo boots.

In this era of digital photography, HD and Blueray (not at all related I think, but they seemed like the logical choice of examples of modern technology for someone such as myself, who knows nothing about it.)...(OH! I just got one of them cellphones, too!)

The simplicity of these little cabins sitting in the middle of malls the world 'round has it's charms.

Last time I did it was years ago, with my sister. But it was high time I tried again with BF this time. It was even HIS idea, just to show how much we think alike.

So we went one rainy day and there isn't much of a story really...only that I was very confused about the flash going on real fast. Not used to that. And that's why a few shots look strange or half-assed. We had picked a few poses before we put the coins in, but it ended looking very random.

Hope my Love won't mind that I posted those, we DO look silly. (Although it's mostly me that looks half-crazed and like I've seen a camera for the first time.)

But that's what Photo boots are for right? Letting the wacky out! I recommend it to anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Trop cute vos photos !!!!!!! c'est vraiment trop cute mais c'était avant ta coupe de cheveux de cette semaine