Friday, November 28, 2008

I might as well accept it....

Britney Spears' new album, "Circus" is coming out on december 2. It's bad enough that I know these two facts.
But I also know I'll buy it as soon as I see it in store.

It's a sad fact of life, I've been buying Britney's CDs since they started coming out, back when I was a teen.

The music, the words are empty and soul-less, money-making business...but damn it, the beats are good, catchy, and they make me want to dance.

So yeah, I'm part of the problem, part of the reason why people like her can drink beer in diamond bottles and roll around in hundred dollar bills. I admit it, I've come to accept it.
But I also adore Loreena McKennitt, and honestly, that makes me think better of myself.

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