Monday, September 15, 2008

Rednecks and Passive-Aggresive notes

I live in an apartment that I think is pretty good for a first one. Four rooms, more then enough space and many windows. Everything is working pretty well too. And the rent is not overly expensive so many students and young people live around.

Sadly, there are also those who are definitly not young anymore and still live there. No judgement, because I'm sure many of them just can't afford a house, but I have a feeling that a good part also don't like to work that much, and love the semblant of a trailer park community they can get in an apartment bloc.

You know, screaming from each others balconies, constant cigarette hanging from their mouths and diaper-clad babies on the hip, women with weird hair and short-shorts who walk around barefoot and men with the same mullet they wore in 1984.

It's like our own little Redneck country, only we miss the 'possums and I have yet to spot pigs or a crazy old lady sitting on her porch in a rocking chair with a mean scowl and a shutgun.

I guess most of those people have to be kept in check, because we have many "Keep the Place clean please" and "Pick up your trash" signs around the corridors. It's alright, I'm all for helping the poor janitor, since he's a nice guy and it's only normal to pick up after yourself.

But then, for every "Nice reminder" note, there is one from the Janitorette (his wife), that is most of the time very passive-aggresive, hand-written and scotchtaped in the lobby, most probably in a moment of frustration.

Things like "If you're too poor to buy yourself some lightbulbs, just ask us, we'll buy you some. Don't steal them from the laundry room!!!" or my Boyfriend's favorite...:"To the Pigs of the bloc, put your garbage IN the bin and not AROUND!!!"

Honestly, notes like that really add a touch of class to any living area.

Visitors immeditaly know what kind of people they will have to deal with here.
I really don't think this kind of passive-aggresive note works anyway.
I mean, do they really think that the individuals that are responsible for the trashing and lightbulb-stealing will get so devastated over getting called Pigs or Poors that they will melt into tears of repentance and go clean up the whole mess, swearing to themselves to never be pigs again?? More probably, they will laugh their asses off and make it even worst next time. You don't catch bees with vinegar.

This post really goes nowhere, it's just that I really like talking about hillbillies and rednecks and trailer parks. Can't help it, I find it funny...

Sometimes I even like to Google the words, and get pictures like that, and then I'm happy.

But the real reason why I thought about all this in the first place is this site I found a few days ago, that reminded me of the Janitorette's strong worded notes.
Funny stuff that people post without the intention of being funny. You can almost feel the anger emanating from some of them, even when they are written politely or with smilies. Fun!

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ex-taxi man! said...

I really like to take a look to the garbages container in the back of your bloc...