Monday, September 22, 2008

The Grouchy Kitchen Witch

This has become kind of a ranting blog huh? I'll post something more positive soon, but I need to vent again.

I think it's the same for everyone...we all have people that are very special to us, boyfriend, mother, sisters, that are so precious to us, that when they are attacked, verbally or physically, we feel the pain even worst then if it was ourself.

Sometimes, a person, for some reason....frustration or jealousy or whatever, tend to focus their negative energy, judgment and back-talking on another one, singling them out.
Every other person around can make the same mistakes and have the same bad traits, but the person will focus, and be mean about that ONE person only, and continually. They will spot every little default and blow it up to huge, disproportionate proportions. It's even sadder when the victim really likes and admire the passive-aggresor.

When this gets done to someone you love, it hurts a lot. It's always at the back of your mind, because even if said person is ever agreable and smiling and laughing when you are faced with them, and the mean things are said when the victim is not there, everything gets known one way or the other. They always will. And then it hurts.
And friends can become enemies. People that you once liked to hang out with, now revolt you. And the only thought of them makes you mad. In my case, I RAGE inside, I become like a lionness defending her cubs. It isn't pretty in my head.

And I hate being like that. It's definitly not zen and I don't feel good. What can one do in that position??
Of course, the best thing would be to completly cut off the person with the attitude, but when it's impossible to do that? When it's family or people you will see anyway sometimes?
I think what I'll need to do is just limit the contacts to bare minimum....which is sad....I'm never mad at anyone....but this, I can't take anymore.
You know...with friends like that....


MIA said...

yeah.. limit the contact. it can't work with family to the fullest, but it works just perfectly with unwanted "friends" since they tend to disappear due to the lack of attention and weeks/months of being ignored..

Lily said...

Thanks Mia! I bookmarked your blog, and I'll check it out as soon as I can, it caught my interest.:P