Friday, September 19, 2008

Fight For Women's Right (to pay the tab)

This is a Rant.

I need to get this out of my system and that's just that, it might be even more all over the place and full of mistakes then usual.

First of all, I totally understand that some people find it gentlemanly that the guy pays on a date, dinner, movie, looks good, maybe it makes them feel good too.

This post is not to belittle their opinion or the way they were brought up to act. It's only to express my own opinion about it.
Because it angers me so much, you wouldn't beleive it, to the point of tears, even if I should just say to myself "Fuck what other people think!".
To know that some feel free to judge amazingly good people over very personal matters like how a couple choses to deal with money.

It's clear where this way of thinking comes from...back then , ladies just didn't have money, they didn't usually work, it was only normal for a men to pay for mostly everything.
We are NOT in the 30's anymore though!
Newsflash!! A big majority of girls and women work, and have money. Mens and women's salaries are pretty much the same, sometimes the woman even has a bigger paycheck.

Why then, now that both sexes have money, does a Man paying for both himslef and his date look all good and manly and respected.
But if a Woman, who has just as much money in her bank account offers to do the same and pay for her an her Man, the guy will be seen and judged as a cheap loser??
It's just sickening, and I don't think it's fair on anyone. Where is the equality?

I'm so revolted that it makes me want to pick up every damn restaurant tab from now on, when I dinne out with BF. Just to stick it up to the world's collective face.
Why can't *I* pay for both, if *I* want to?? It's ridiculous.

I heard some men say, "But I want to pay, it's not forced on makes me feel good. It shows I appreciate my woman".
Well good for you! Great! Why can't I also feel good then? Let me have the pleasure for once. Let me show I appreciate my men. And if I want to show my appreciation everytime, why the freaking hell not??
And if not, why not split it in half ? Why is that frowned upon, once again?
If that makes me feel better to pay my part...why not? Does that mean my man is cheap or bad-behaved? Am I to pity? Hell no! It's none of anyone's business anyway. As long as I'm happy, and BF is happy, why not?
For the love of God, let's all grow up and start living in the NOW. Or you know...just stay out of it. Nobody needs judgement or getting talked in their backs.
Peace and Love, people!
Everyone is happy!

Rant-over, sorry ya'll.

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