Thursday, July 31, 2008

Results of Cinnamon....

...Very poor!
I mean, I can see a little, tiny, difference, but that's just because it's my own hair and I scrutinize it so often. I'm not even sure if it lightened or just got a bit more cinnamon-colored.

This one above is today, and that next one is a reminder of last time...:

So you know...I'm convinced that the results aren't noticable enough to carry on with the proccess. I can't anymore....applying the thing is long enough, but sleeping in a grocery bag, trying to comb out the cinnamony super-tangles in the

If I had short and straight hair, maybe I'd continue and get better result, but now, it's kind of long and very curly because of all the rain and humidity. It's just torture.

Screw cinnamon. I think I'll have to turn to good ol' bleach.