Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Natural substitute to Bleach?

Ever since the begining of Summer, I've been tempted to do something with my hair.
I was thinking of getting a concave cut, with the curls shorter at the back and longer around the face. But then I remembered how long my hair takes to grow even an inch and I chickened out.

Then I thought it would be a great idea to lighten to top layers a bit, so they look like they've been in the sun.
But that would mean....BLEACH.
My hair hates bleach with a passion, I'm reminded of an ancient post I wrote here years ago, relating how my hair became the texture of spider-web after one too many encounters with that freaking thing.

So I'm kind of reluctant to bring anything ressembling bleach near my head.

Here comes the Natural Option that I found on the net:

2tbsp cinnamon powder
Normal to large amount of conditionner
1tsp liquid honey
Water as needed

This makes a cinnamon-smelling paste that you work through wet hair, comb carefully and let sit overnight covered in a shower cap or plastic bag. Then wash out thoroughly in the morning.

According to the different websites, it takes at least two treatments before you begin to see some lightening. (They even have encouraging pictures.)

According to my practical/modernist/science and technology-loving BF though, this is a "grandma's recipe" and thus, very probably bullshit.

I still decided to try it out, because I've got nothing to loose, and the worst thing that could happen is that my hair will smell like cinnamon. I don't really mind smelling like pastry.
Also, I kind of want to show BF and all the non-believers that sometimes, grandma's recipes and granola-solutions DO work.

So here are the first pictures, after ONE treatment. I should have taken a before photo, but anyway, it's the second and third try that will decide if it works or not.
I have a good feeling about this...cinnamon MUST do something to hair, because the drops of paste I removed from my skin left red marks, as if I had been burned after only a few seconds. (Be careful with that...they're gone by the morning, but I still got a bit scared I hurt myself at first.)

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