Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Should be working....

But damn it! I can't! So I might as well write and vent a bit.

I can't stand knowing that someone is mad at me. Especially when it's for a totally petty reason. Maybe I'm just too sensitive or that I worry for little things. It so rarely happens, because I'm a Libra, and I like peace, I always do everything I can to keep it. But when a misunderstanding happens, it bugs me to no end.

The worrying is even greater when it's someone very close to me, like my mother or sister. Because I love them so much. And knowing I hurt them, even unintentionally just rips at me. This kind of thing never happens with I'm putting the blame on female hormones.

Now I can't work...because I know my sister is mad at me. My one and only sis.
It was a stupid MSN misunderstanding, and I just can't believe it escalated without me even being aware into something serious enough for her not to call me for a week and her ranting about it in front of the whole family.
I understand...she's always been emotional, a tendency to slowly create mountains out of small things. That's why I'm very careful....but you never know when the Aries' temper will strike. It stroke.

And I wrote to her, because I express myself much better that way, and made it clear how bewildered and surprised I was of her reaction and the silly proportions this all took. That I love her and all....

Aaaw God...humans are so complicated.

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