Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luinae McAnish, where are you??

Je lance un cris de détresse....depuis mon retour au monde virtuel, je redécouvre les blogs que j'adorais suivre. Certains ont démménagés, d'autres ne m'intéressent simplement plus.

Mais en essayant de retrouver le blog de Luinae McAnish, une jeune bloggeuse de 16 ans danseuse celtique, amoureuse de thé et de rouge à lèvre que j'adorais me heurte à un mur!

Son premier blog ''More Magic Always''  n'est plus, ni sa deuxième incarnation ''Slam'', pas une trace d'elle, pas une explication. Et j'ai cherché!
C'est si dommage, son blog était tellement inspirant, coloré et positif, non seulement pour les jeunes mais toutes les filles jeunes de coeur et un peu outcasts. Il y a tellement d'aticles que j'aurais aimé tout est partie dans le néan.

Luinae si tu me lis, ou si quelqu'un la connais. Pourquoi? Et surtout quand aurons-nous le plaisir de te relire?


Cypriotchick said...

i agree with this! even though i do not understand french

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yeah I've been also looking for Luinae everywhere & cam't seem to find her. It just seems as if she's vanished off the net. I have no idea why either. I used to love both her blog 'More Magic Always' & 'Slam'. I would love for her to come back or just to know what she's up to.


Anonymous said... << you should read the last comment of this post. One day on a blogger's FB, I saw a FB profile with Luinae's photo....but a completely different name. Seems she's been fooling us for a while.

Anonymous said...

I think the getoffmyinternet's comment is BS.

Back when Luinae had both her blogs I communicate with her constantly & she was always an extremely lovely girl.

& I think those things written about her are horrid.

To not like a persons blog is perfectly fine & the solution is simple don't read it.

But there's no need to badmouth anyone or undermine their passions such as Luinae's Irish Dancing & what's worse is to disregard a persons mental health problems such as being Bipolar - as if a person would enjoy making up such serious things about them self, as if it were some joke.

If Luinae is ever happens to come across this. I hope that you are okay - most of all I hope that you are healthy & happy. & that I thoroughly enjoyed both your blogs.
To me you seem like a incredibly smart, talented, wise beyond your years brilliant young woman & I felt v. inspired by you. & that if you were ever to come back or start a new blog I would not hesitate for a moment to start reading & see what you've been up to. I used to adore your beautifully written style directions, your feminist & political views (which opened my eyes),your productivity/motivational tips, your references to GOT + LOTR & your playlists oh & thanks to you I discovered NaNoWriMo which had finally allowed me to write a proper complete novel.

I hope that you didn't leave due to haters & people who spew rubbish.

Sorry if this seems like a sort of girl-crush love letter (albeit a poorly written one at almost 4AM) - but yes I would say you were definitely one of the most inspirational person I have ever come across on the internet & I'm sure you would be too in real life.

Anyway I hope you all the best in life & hope that one day you will be back on the internet in some way or another or that you will be creating waves politics or even Irish dancing your way around the world. Possibly all three. Whatever you do I'm sure that you will be no less than a brilliant, amazing trailblazer.


Anonymous said...

I too agree with the first, second and the previous commenter.

I loved 'More Magic Always' & later 'Slam' from the curly haired, lipstick loving, tea drinking, Irish dancing, verging on Tolkien obsessed passionate young feminist.

I too had "spoken" to Luinae many times via the comments on her blogs and yes she was very nice. I remember being astonished when I discovered she was only 16 years old. Despite that I always felt that she was a real genuine person. I mean I can't vouch for sure as I've never met or spoken to her - living in London, England. But regardless the girl seemed and still seems real enough to me. I don't quite see on what basis other are accusing her of not being real. Because of an outfit on a single picture and there being fewer pictures of her? That seems a bit silly to be honest.

She to me came across as a kind hearted sweet girl & I couldn't imagine her making it up or pretending to be someone she's not. Many of my friends who also read her blog feel the same way.

I found her blog through Maddie of Sprinkle-Diary.blogspot and it seemed to me they were friends in real life so I know she had to be real.

I remember when I discovered that she too like my suffered from SAD and Bipolar Disorder. And I felt a sort of bond with her. The way she spoke about her conditions as a suffer of both I can claim that no I can't imagine that she made them up because she described it so real, so visceral as if she was taking the words out of my head for how I feel & what I go through.

I too wish Luinae well and from what I feel I know about her character I know that she will be great.

And if you ever do decide to come back Luinae there seem to be a whole troupe of people waiting for you if you ever do decide to come back and if not I hope your having a blast and being awesome.


Anonymous said...

Pls come back Luinae! MMA was SO helpful to me you dont understand you used to be my role model I guess seeing you be just a year older than me and doing so many WOW things It made me think maybe I could do stuff like that aswell and that yeah I wasnt some weird freak or anything just cuz Im bipolar that I can live my life and do things with it Come back pls I check for you every few months but always nothing My favourite blogs used to be More Magic Always and the Slam + Click Click Went The Needles (which is also gone too like you) + Mermaid in a Manhole (which is changed a lot but I still luv Kim) + Gala Darling + Sprinkle-Diary (which is kinda gone now too) + Yes & Yes + Smaggle + Rookie. So yeah you were brill I would read it again hard to find ppl on net that you just gel with. So pls come back Luinae --- Nat

Anonymous said...

She's on tumblr now, actually!

Her real name is actually Kate, as she has said on one of her past tumblr blogs. I imagine it comes from being 14 when she first started MMA and parental warnings about strangers on the internet are very strong in a kid's mind still. She is still the lovely Tolkien-obsessed feminist that you got to know on her other blogs though.

Anonymous said...

She's not even Welsh. I get not using your real name online, but making up an entire fake life for yourself?

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly know she isn't Welsh? She was most likely born there, then her parents immigrated. I live in the Midwest, but I have an aunt who was born in Hawaii while my grandpa was there serving in the Coast Guard. There are a million different reasons someone could be born in one country but live in another. And since her twitter account is fairly consistent with everything she has ever posted, and nobody she knows in real life has ever called her out on it, I do believe the only thing she ever made up was her name.

Anonymous said...

Can you be Welsh and Jewish?

Anonymous said...

Of course you can be Welsh and Jewish.

I believe the only thing she made up too was her name. And there's nothing wrong with that. Many people use different names on the internet.

Especially when you're as young as she was at the time.

I don't believe anything else she talked about on her blog was untrue from her being Welsh to her dancing or anything.

I have tried to use the tumblr like that anon has put above but I it doesn't seem to work.

If anyone has the correct link could they post it here please?

Anonymous said...

Luinae no longer has a blog. Her real name is Kate which she uses on her Tumblr which is called 'Face of Jewish Vengence'. It's great people who loved More Magic Always or Slam should definitely check it out. I've put in the link to it below.

Margo x

Anonymous said...

Actually she's moved her blog again - I think she may delete the one with the link that some people above gave here. I don't really know why. I guess people/haters were being kind of difficult/horrid to her on tumblr. But she says that you can message her (I'm guessing privately?) to get the URL for her new blog. I wish people would just get off her case already.

Anonymous said... is her new Tumblr =) Hopefully she'll return to blogging soon, she mentioned on her previous Tumblr she might!

Kate & Luinae said...

OK. Wow. Hi, everybody! It’s me - Luinae or Kate, whatever you knew me as.

I found this post and was shocked. And insanely surprised and flattered and amazed at the internet, I think! To the people who wrote nice things, thank you so much. I googled my old blog in a fit of nostalgia, found all of these comments, and could have cried. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I could never have imagined making even the tiniest bit of an impact on anything and to have people be so positive and kind is truly astonishing to me. Thank you thank you thank you!

I’ve moved around the internet a lot because sometimes people on the internet suck. But apparently, as shown here, people on the internet are also capable of making my heart grow like nine sizes! I have that weird feeling where your heart actually hurts a little bit from happiness.

I guess I’ll clear up some misconceptions since I’m trying to consolidate my internet life. I have every intention of returning to “real” blogging, because I miss being less cynical and angry and jaded. Sure, fifteen to sixteen year old me was probably less smart, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with carving out a place of happiness for yourself. Not that I intend to plug my finger’s in my ears and sing loudly to myself when looking at the world, but I deserve happiness. Y'all do to.

I lied about my name. I’m going to be straight up and honest. I had literally just turned fourteen when I first started blogging. My previous internet experience was literally neopets, reading a couple of blogs, and scary emails my grandparents sent my about internet predators. So I made up a name (Luinae was a character I admired from a beloved children’s book) and I started blogging. I won’t apologize for lying about my name. I was very young, so I didn’t use my real name on the internet. My name is Kate. That’s the name on all of my legal documentation.

Everything else is true. I am Welsh (I just find it really funny that someone would care enough about where I was born to deny this? I am not Barack Obama, do I need to show you my birth certificate?) and I am Jewish. Yes, it is possible to be both at the same time. I love being Welsh! It’s delicious Welsh cakes and sheep and tiny stone cottages and ridiculous childhood stories and the MOST beautiful countryside in the world. At the time when I blogged, I would consider myself only ethnically Jewish - that is, only Jewish because a parent was, as being a Jew is both an ethnic and a religious thing. Between being 16/17/18, I really started to gravitate towards the Jewish people, at first in a cultural way, and then in a religious way. I now practice reform Judaism and I’m a proud Jew. And a proud Welsh woman. Definitely not mutually exclusive things! I still think atheism is mad cool though, though, as long as you're not judgemental and awful - as with all things, really.

If you must have my family history, I was born in Wales. On the west coast. I now live in Canada because we immigrated for my parent’s work. Quite standard, usual, boring stuff. Wales does not traditionally have a large historic Jewish community, totally true - my Dad’s family were refugees from Germany during the late 1930’s, for obvious reasons. I feel like I should have a more exciting story about my “secret” identity, but this is it!


Kate/Luinae said...

...and continuing!

As far as my mental illness goes, I talk about that less and less for two reasons:
1) Thanks to my amazing therapist who does incredibly cognitive behavioural therapy, medication, diet, and exercise, I’m able to keep my bipolar disorder and anxiety under control. It’s definitely still there, and I still struggle with it, but I cope with it much better. SAD is always going to be a thing, but that’s because Canada is cold and dark, yo. Also, Vitamin D tablets are pretty life changing.
2) There is definitely a stigma of mental illness as being cute and trendy at the moment. I am a young teenage white girl, and I felt like discussing mental illness would play into the stigma. I know that’s a terrible reason to not talk about something, but bullying on the internet and bullying in real life both suck. A lot.

I still love Irish dance. I still love lipstick. I still love teapots. I still love Doctor Who. I still love poetry and scarves and awesome hats and Riverdance and beautiful music and feminism. I still love peppermints and notebooks and Tolkien (forever and ever, you guys) and yoga. I am very much a real person. I had scrambled eggs for breakfast just this morning, if that proves anything.

Luinae is very much still here. The name was fake, but the positivity, the delight, the happiness, the joy - that was all me. My name is Kate. But none of it has gone away. It’s just different, these days.

You all rock. I know a lot of you won’t read this, but I’m putting it out there. Let’s see what happens.

I’m at And hopefully planning a return to real blogging soon. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Lily said...

Oh my god!
You actually found my blog post!
I had no idea it would bring so many comments, but all I can say is you are right, don't give a damn about the negativity, so many people love following you. No matter what your name is, it's YOU who are inspiring.

Frances Anne said...

Luinae!!! (or Kate!! teehee it might take me awhile to make the switch).

I am so sad to hear about what happened to you. People can truly be awful online or offline but you helped me remember that people can be truly amazing and beautiful and delightful too. Following you as a fellow blogger (I stopped blogging for awhile to because a lot of offline stuff started getting in the way and instigated a change in my worldview (my belief and practice of my faith was a huge part of this), gave me so much inspiration and spurred me to live my life as authentically as possible. Your positivity, joy and love for life is inspiring and brings so much joy to me years later still. I really hope you start to blog again but only if you want to. Regardless, thank you so much being awesomely you.

With so much love and joy,
Aury from An Ordinary Girl's World.

Frannie said...

Also, having an online name is nothing to apologise for. I don't even think its a lie. It's like having a pen name for an author. Up until recently I exclusively used my pen name Aury for most of my online presence and social networking. I'm only using Frannie now because I want to for my next blog.

Cheyenne said...

Luinae/Kate I sure miss you!!! I have continued trying to track down where you might be on the Internet! More Magic Always was such an inspiration to me! Thank you for all you have done!