Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pre-Holiday workout Motivation

Yes, another Britney post...but it's okay, it's her big week, birthday , new CD and all. (Yes, I did buy it.)

It's positive this time though.
The critics have been harsh with Brit-Brit for the last few years. Let alone calling her an aweful mother, junkie and all around insane, they criticised her about her body that changed after she had her kids.

I have to admit, the hair looks unkempt, but she does have a better body then the vast majority of us ever will ever have even at her worst.

But these before pictures, appart from making women around the world feel better because even Britney Spears can look like that sometimes, are even greater when you see the Afters.

This is Brit from the last few days.

I know, I know...Boobs! But also, love her coat! And she looks awesome! And this a mom's body. Which means anyone can look like that if they put some (a lot) of effort into it.

If only I could get my hands on her trainers and personal chefs, I'd be all set. But more realisticaly, more veggies, less sugar and perhaps a bit of training would do the trick. I learned from last time, that only cutting on the food with no or little excercise don't produce good results. It only gets one flabby and emaciated. Honestly, I could loose only 5 lbs, and gain a bit of muscle tone and that would be excellent.

And why....why do I talk about all that on a public blog is beyond me, this probably should have stayed in my mind.

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