Thursday, April 12, 2007

Revisiting Moulin Rouge!

It has been a favorite movie of mine since the time I first saw it in the theater.....but years after, I had mostly forgotten about it....until this morning.

I'm pretty sure I could be called very weird when things like that happen. But in all seriousness, there I was, at 7:00AM, walking to the bus station and staring straight ahead with a faraway look, being practically moved to tears by Ewan Mc Gregor's powerful and heartbreaking voice and completely blown away by the orchestra and beautiful tragedy of Moulin Rouge's soundtrack.

I mean, that soundtrack is pure genius! Nothing less!

So please, for all that is good and beautiful, go listen to Tango de Roxanne, or the Show must go on, or Come what May, listen to it on your IPod, get into your little world, and get intense.

Because life just wouldn't be worth living if music that grand would leave me cold.

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