Friday, March 31, 2006

Cat Food

Ah! My ongoing obsession with cat-health is carrying on stronger then ever. Might be because my poor little Drusilla started to be sick this winter.
So mom and I discovered that awesome mini-boutique near us. It's called Nature-O-Patte. A clever little play on words that makes me smile even now. hihi So that woman worked for humans before, focusing on natural ways to cure and prevent problems. She then decided to open a natural business for pets, which is the greatest idea I've ever heard. Because lord knows I'm fed up with those vets. I'm even more pissed off now, because if I had known of that woman before, I would have had none of the problems I had with my poor sick babies. (No need for all those crappy toxic and useless medications I had to give them either.)
I had read about that before, but the way she explained it to me, it just seems so logic. You know the kind of cat food that is available at Walmart, it's just like fast-food for our cats. Yeah! I know they make nice commercials and all, and that it's not expensive. But we just need to ask ourselves why is it cheap!? So, cats (and dogs), are carnivorous. They are made to eat MEAT! And it very traumatizing the first time you really stop to read the ingredients on common pet food. Usually, it starts with some kind filler, some grain. Like corn. And the small quantity of meat they have in there is by-products (in other words, all the vile stuff not fit for humans to eat, I will spare anyone and won't go into details about that...ugh!)
Then peoples' cats get fat, they get sick, loose lots of hair, and they go to the vets. And the vets prescribe expensive surgeries, shots, and Diet food (which is still full of grain and taste god-awful). Where will it end!!??People need to be educated, and who will do that if it's not Vets!??

Cat=Carnivorous, so Cats should eat meat!! Everyone who loves their cat should NOTE that. (And also, Nature-O-Pattes, Laval, Québec)hihi
Yes, the meat-y food is more expensive, but like I always said...Prevention!!! I'm more then willing to pay a bit more for food that will make my kitties happy and healthy then to hemorrhage my week's pay at the vet when they are all clogged up!
I even got them some frozen raw meat preparation they sell. Made with Venison and Duck and cats are wild for that stuff. And they have never been in better shape, even though they have to stay in. Hurray!

(Picture is not mine...thanks to the person who took it and put it on their raw-food site)

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